How to go to Art Space co-oh

The easiest way to get to Art Space Co-oh is to take the subway’s Marunouchi Line (usually shown in red on subway maps) to Yotsuya-sanchome Station. Exit the station via exit number 4, which will put you on a large road called Shinjuku Dori. Stay on the left side of Shinjuku Dori and walk forward, past a bakery called “Antendo” and a Family Mart convenience store. At the first street, turn left then make a quick right turn down a narrow alley parallel to Shinjuku Dori. Artspace Co-oh is on level B1 of the building at the very end of this alley, on the right hand side.

Map to Co-oh のコピー

Tokyo Metro Map:MetroNuaages-86B210Nuages-86b210